It has been scientifically proven that Bioperina ® helps absorption by the body’s natural compounds from herbs. Scientific research in the U.S. have made clear that Bioperine helps considerably to the absorption levels of the components that mix to be much higher. Thus, Bioperine helps natural supplements have increased efficiency.

This natural supplement has been used for thousands of years as a libido enhancer in the South American continent (the Maya and used it as an aphrodisiac). Thus, this has been one of the most effective methods to increase stamina during sex, at the same time increase the length and quality of erections and, therefore, lead to more orgasms with increasing satisfaction.

Boldness has also been used in Europe for many centuries as a remedy for sexual problems and increase desire. Around the time that has been used, has never come to have knowledge of any adverse effect on those who have consumed. Thus, numerous experiments carried out in the 80’s showed their ability to enhance the male erection. On the other hand, it also appeared to prove that this element was growing levels of a hormone called luteinizing hormone (LH), producing a considerable improvement in the amounts of testosterone found in the body. Most medical professionals agree to its consumption in Europe without any problem or contraindication.

Numerous experiments have shown that the component is the most remarkable icarlina and more effectively generated. This is used to enhance erections. Epimedium also increases the amount of nitric oxide that achieves muscle relaxation that is generated with the ease of the blood flow throughout the penis without problems. This obviously creates much stronger erections and long lasting. On the other hand, inhibits slightly PDE-5 (also achieves the effect of Viagra), albeit in a light enough to not cause any adverse or unwanted which have been attributed to other similar products.

Cuscuta seed
After several scientific studies, they concluded that the dodder could increase sperm motility in men with “semen dead” in more than 70%. There has also been consuming this substance to prevent premature ejaculation, low back pain or vaginal discharge, problems that usually go together with difficulties experienced in the kidneys and which in turn generate a lot of downtime due to lack of sexual desire and / or resistance . At the same time, is used to enhance fertility in both sexes and is considered an aphrodisiac substance in many Chinese formulas that have been supplied from the more traditional medicine.